The End (of the year) is Here! Let’s Do a Top Ten List!

It has been a pretty good year for resurrecting orthodoxy–at least as far as my little corner of the blogosphere is concerned. This morning I looked back to find out what the top posts of the past year were. Some of those in the top ten surprised me…some, not so much. In any case, here are the ten most popular posts on resurrecting orthodoxy for 2017:

10. Biblical Intertextuality: Jonah, Pinocchio, and a New Creation: The title pretty much gives it away. After reading this post, you’ll never be able to read Jonah without thinking about Pinocchio and the Creation story.

9. Digging Deep into the Movie, “Is Genesis History” (Part 1): Rock Layers, Paradigms, and How This YEC Movie Tries to Bury the Truth: I got around to watching this movie in May, and this was my first installment in my extended movie review.

8. Ken Ham’s Reformation: Don’t You Dare Challenge Him! (My thoughts on his thoughts about Joel Duff’s thoughts about him seeing himself as a modern day Martin Luther): At the beginning of this year, Ken Ham wrote about how he was kind of like a modern day Martin Luther; Joel Duff questioned that connection; Ham reacted–I had to comment.

7. Ken Ham Tries to Fry Up Francis Collins: This is actually an older post from 2015 that is still getting hits. Francis Collins is the founder of BioLogos–Ken Ham is certain that BioLogos is filled with compromised Christians.

6. Nietzsche’s Ubermensch vs. Jesus Christ: This is another post from 2015, and is part of a series I did on Friedrich Nietzsche. I still think my Nietzsche series is one of the most fascinating thing I’ve written.

5. Friedrich Nietzsche: The Enlightenment, Christianity, and the Philosopher of the Hammer: What do you know? The first post in my series on Nietzsche!

4. Ken Ham Denies the Power of the Resurrection!: I remember writing this post last January after reading a post by Ham in which he insisted that life cannot come out of death. Obviously, he was talking about his opposition to evolution, but a lightbulb went off in my head: Christianity is all about life coming out of death.

3. Biblical Intertextuality: Jonah in Moby Dick–Father Mapple’s Sermon: Another Jonah post makes it into the top ten! Did you know there is A LOT of Jonah imagery in Moby Dick? There is…there really is.

2. Ken Ham’s Impossible and Incompatible Claims About the Effects of Noah’s Flood: Another post originally from 2015. Most people these days know a little bit about Ken Ham and the Ark Encounter. Most Evangelicals assume he is just defending biblical authority, but he isn’t. And the claims he makes, if you take the time to think about it, make absolutely no sense, biblically or scientifically.

1. C.S. Lewis and Mere Christianity: The Trinity (The Three-Personal God): C.S. Lewis and the Trinity comes out on top! This was a post from a large series I did on the entire book of Mere Christianity.

***I have some ideas regarding what I want to cover in 2018. I’m hoping to do a series on the writings of the Catholic monk Thomas Merton, as well as a series on the Jewish War of 70 AD. Most Christians have no idea what happened, and yet it was a watershed moment for not only Judaism, but also early Christianity.

So here’s hoping that 2018 is a good year.


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  1. Regarding the Trinity, I have started to read a book by Kegan Chandler called the God of Jesus in light of Christian dogma: the recovery of New Testament theology. It’s a very scholarly work and I would be very interested in your comments on it if this were to be one of the books you embarked on reading during 2018 ☺️

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