The Evolution of Darwin’s Religious Beliefs (…from the post of a friend)

This is not a normal post for my blog. To the point, what I’m sharing in not my post. A friend of mine has his own blog, and today he shared a very interesting post regarding the “evolution” of Charles Darwin’s beliefs about God.

In light of the fact that YECist groups continually push the narrative that Darwin was an atheist and that atheism lies at the heart of evolutionary theory, this post is a must read. Whether or not you are convinced that evolutionary theory is true is ultimately beside the point. No one who has any knowledge about Charles Darwin can buy the standard line by groups like Answers in Genesis that Darwinism and evolutionary theory is “the religion of atheism.” Such an accusation is a flat-out lie, pure and simple. And for YECist groups to continually spout that lie tells you all you need to know about their lack of trust-worthiness.





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